Solitude Session: Thoughts, Feelings and Taking Time to Feel Centered

Taking time to yourself is so important. So much of our time can often be fast paced and consumed by technological devices. One of my favorite simple getaways is to sit alone on my patio, without the television on, without my phone or laptop. I am fortunate enough to have a private patio with a beautiful view of the woods.

During a half an hour relaxation session my mind tends to wonder through many subjects. I think try to think about positive things in my life. Work is a usual topic that I try to focus on the accomplishments I have made and ways to overcome things that are stressful. Personal development also comes to mind, I often think about the future and where my career is going. I feel fortunate my hard work has paid off and I have a fun job that allows me to be creative, travel and have a somewhat flexible schedule. I enjoy the people I work with and am happy to call some of them my friends outside of work. I also keep the work/balance intact which is why turning technology off can be such a great mental break.

Personal life thoughts come to mind during this solitude session. I think about my family and upcoming events such as birthdays, get-togethers, etc. I also think about those who live far away and I miss; likewise with friends and upcoming plans we may have. It’s almost summer and the weekends are already booking up fast with great activities.

Most importantly, I take this time to enjoy nature. Listening to the birds, the wind blow, feel the fresh air and sun on my skin truly relaxes me. I look forward to taking the time to relax and let my mind just think without the distractions of life’s everyday hustle and bustle. It’s like a timeout to focus on myself, my thoughts and feel centered.


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