Current Marketing Trends, Influencers and Targets

Current Trends:

An interesting Forbes article titled, “2014 Marketing Predictions With A Twist” states “marketers in 2014 will finally realize the days of campaign-centricity are over; the customer now controls the message.” Marketers must review each year’s successes and failures to build new effective programs. The market trend is leaning towards more customer focused efforts with the ability to adapt efforts in real time; not necessarily follow a strict campaign calendar. Whether it is responsive design, agile marketing, or learning and working new social channels, marketers need to be more on top of what customers are doing, how technologies are changing and how to succeed during those changes. Digital and social media advertising have continued to evolve and become the top form of marketing efforts for many industries.


According to a study by Impact Radius, an international marketing technology firm, they “compiled a list of the top performance marketing influencers by using a proprietary formula designed to determine blog influence, re-tweet frequency, citations by other influential bloggers and related factors measuring the impact of the top 400 thought leaders. Impact Radius then assigned weights to each factor and ranked the results to create its top 25 list.” See detailed information on their website.

Impact Radius researched the 400 people and measured their influence using a weighted average formula consisting of Alexa, Klout influence, Google Social Mentions, Google Page Rank, PeerIndex, HowSociable and Twitter followers. Criteria required:

  1. The individual needed to have a substantial online social presence.
  2. The influencer needed to have a major emphasis on Performance Marketing.
  3. The Influencer’s content must be educational and not self aggrandizing.

The Top 25 with Blog and Twitter Accounts

1 Brian Clark @copyblogger
2 Shawn Collins @affiliatetip
3 Jeremy Schoemaker @shoemoney
4 John Chow @johnchow
5 Brett Tabke @btabke
6 Rae Hoffman-Dolan @sugarrae
7 Missy Ward @MissyWard
8 Peter Bordes @mediatrustpete
9 Pace Lattin @pacelattin
10 Lynn Terry @lynnterry
11 Matthew Wood @matthewwood
12 Geno Prussakov @ePrussakov
13 Andrew Girdwood @AndrewGirdwood
14 Greg Hoffman @akagorilla
15 Peter Hamilton @PeterHamilton
16 Murray Newlands @MurrayNewlands
17 Angel Djambazov @djambazov
18 Jonathan Volk @jonathanvolk
19 James Martell @JamesMartell
20 Ian Fernando @ianternet
21 Deborah Carney a.k.a. Loxly @loxly
22 Tricia Meyer @sunshinetricia
23 Jay Berkowitz @JayBerkowitz
24 Zac Johnson @moneyreign
25 Kirsty McCubbin @AffiliateStuff


The demographics and psychographics for marketing vary greatly depending on who marketers are targeting and what product they are promoting. Check out a guide to demographics in an article by Entrepreneur called, “Know your Target Audience.”



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